AirDC++ 2.03

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AirDC++ 2.03

Post by Toast » 28 Jun 2008, 12:57

  • upgraded to VS2008
  • Fixed popup dialog on Norwegian language setting
  • Added case insensitive option to regexp
  • Added regexp tester
  • Added comment string to regexp
  • (parameters are: userAC, userAI for comment and filename)
  • StrongDC++ merge
  • ADL list should now be compatible with ApexDC++ (for some standardization)
  • Added min segment size
  • Added raw & regexp columns to adl frame
  • Fixed comments display problem in adl
  • Added Hubtracker hublist
  • Added hublist
  • Added Virtual Folders for share (DC++ svn)
  • Fixed Min Segment size
  • Fixes for Virtual folders
  • AirDownloadsPage HighPrio has now top priority unless priority is Highest
  • Fixed Usercommands
  • Added Portuegese Brazialian language in settings
  • Added raw on PeerGuardian match
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