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ADCS Deadline

Post by Toast » 15 Aug 2009, 13:27

In an effort to get a draft out on ADCS me and Ullner (Pretorian) has agreed to set a deadline for the extension since there has been so much talk about how to implement it along with features with using TLS like cert logins etc so we thought that an open discussion would be in order so we can actually have an official draft on the extension

The question i got for the developers lurking on ADCPortal is where to have the discussions ?

Forum or Wiki

The deadline for ADCS is in November that is ample time to get the job done if everyone pitches in.

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Re: ADCS Deadline

Post by Pietry » 17 Aug 2009, 08:50

My initial thoughts are here( not updated though ) but could be a starting point for a talk, since I can see nobody started commenting yet.
About the forum/wiki question, I propose a forum talk until some consensus and then move to wiki.
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