The DHT Cloud is growing

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The DHT Cloud is growing

Post by Toast » 02 Sep 2009, 10:30

Its only been a couple of days since StrongDC++ and RSX++ had its release of DHT capable clients and the cloud is really growing fast in the initial test phase there was about 30-100 users using DHT now its up to 650 and growing fast.

So what is DHT ?

DHT stands for Distributed hash table, its a network node that lets users share without being on the same hub a much needed feature for Direct Connect to increase popularity for using trying to find files.

This feature is more know by Torrent users since its a feature has been used there for a couple of years now but it didn't start there it started with a old p2p app called Napster.

The DHT system in StrongDC++ is a rewrite made by Big Muscle and the specs can be found at ADCPortal Wiki for developers that are interested in joining up and using it.

Now for users that are concerned about privacy matters, don't worry the feature could be turned off simply under advanced settings so that your not apart of the DHT network.

For more info Wikipedia page