ADCH++ goes X64

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ADCH++ goes X64

Post by Toast » 11 Oct 2009, 15:54

Hi guys

Well as you might have noticed ADCH++ has gone threw some updates in the last month with working functions etc, but we still need help testing stuff and in an effort to get more testers we made a build archive here at adcportal were u can download reversions of diffrent softwares and if any developer wants in send a pm to en_dator and ask him about it.

Poy recently made an update with makes it possible to compile with MSVC 2008 thus making it possible to compile X64 versions of ADCH++ we hope that this is gonna boost preformance for ADCH++.

I aslo rewrote major parts of the ADCH++ article on ADCPortal wiki and uploaded the new logo for ADCH++ contributed by RadoX a real huge thnx goes out to him for taking the time yet again and helping DCDev.

Now get diving into our build archive here at ADCPortal and get testing and submit the bugs you find :)

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Re: ADCH++ goes X64

Post by en_dator » 17 Oct 2009, 10:57

The setup is very simple, we keep a folder for each software, and either you as a developer upload builds there, or we let the server compile and produce new builds by it self without any interaction from anyone.

This is how uhub builds are currently made, a scheduled task runs every night on the server that pulls the latest source, compiles it, then picks the needed files and zip them into an archive and puts it in a folder on the webserver.

Currently the script is not 'intelligent' enough to stop if there is nothing changed in source, but it hardly matters as the entire process only takes a minute anyway if nothing changed.

So if any developer is interested you know who to ask.
The server is slow as hell but it is quite stable :D