poy adds DCBouncer to the Build Archive

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poy adds DCBouncer to the Build Archive

Post by Toast » 30 Oct 2009, 11:06

Just wanted to hype the build archive we offer here at ADCPortal where we try to offer software for the ADC masses the latest add to the build archive is poy little smart app called DCBouncer.

So what is DCBouncer well its a small logging utility, lets say you are one of those ppl that like to log out at night but you feel like your missing half the action out on DC well good news then this app is just what your looking for.

You need a server or a machine thats turned on 24/7 then DCBouncer and a client, then you need to configure DCBouncer use the read me for how to.

Then its you simply connect to DCBouncer instead of the hub and DCBouncer stays connected to the hub while your away and while your away it shows a message in description of your offline time example: Offline for 11 hours (DCBouncer logging)

So when you login to the hub you will receive all the information that you missed while you was offline including PM messages.

DCBouncer runs both on Windows and Linux and both are available in our build archive or at launchpad.


There are other softwares availble in the build archives besides DCBouncer like ADCH++ and uHub if you want to add to the archive talk to en_dator about an account either here or in DCDev Public