Part 4: What impact does faking have on the community

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Part 4: What impact does faking have on the community

Post by Toast » 26 Nov 2009, 16:28

Hi everyone lurking and reading this

Been awhile since we did a ADCPortal article series Pietry did the last one so i thought it was my time to do a new one, this time around we are going to talk about a tabu to talk about faking software and how it impacts everyone directly or indirectly in not going to link any of the softwares or talk about technical details.

So what is a faking tool ?
Its basically something that lets the user bypass certain requirements from the hub owner or or a set limit to a hubsoft there by filling it up with non-existent stuff or bypassing set shared limit by the hubowner (example 3gb to 200gb).

So now you ask yourself why should this concern me well for every user scorned the network in total looses a user that cant get the stuff he or she wanted.

Case scenario
imagine yourself as a users and you have been looking for a that certain something for weeks you aren't that knowledgeable p2p in general and are only meet with the client response "maxed out/disconnected/connection time out" since the user at the other side might be running BANMSG thats the Russians favorite way of saying "fuck off" to the rest of the community since BANMSG allows the user to set his or her own share limit for file transferals now ask yourself if you where that user how would you react ?

Most operators across DC have forgotten the "Direct Connect Spirit" that code that once started the whole scene is by my claims dead and forgotten today is mostly about themselves and what they think is right operators that run these faking clients in order to make up their own set of rules.

Now how does that impact you ?
Well for every user that learn to abuse the rules is another one that leaves the network for other platforms. Sure nothing is flawless some activity of fakers will always be there abusing and miss using the applications friendliness.

Ive also spotted that a certain group that doesn't seem to have a lot of of knowledge of how ADC works have tried to pass old PWDC++ as an ADC client PWDC++ thats ofc has been discontinued for ApexDC++ for years now its been used for spam activity probably one of these Russian fake clients thats abuse the TAG PWDC++ about 90% certain of this since all the ip ive logged are from Russia
from a userhub wrote:Nick: nevikon
IP: 95.179.x.x
Description: [2]
Share size (bytes): 209715245201
Number of shared files: 376
Client identification: PWDC++ 0.41
Max upload speed (bytes/s): 5242
Max slots: 2
Hubs where user is a normal user: 7
Hubs where user is registered: 1
Hubs where user is operator: 0
Notice how the client hasn't announced supports like TCP4,UDP4 just the most basic info a perfect example.

Now what im i trying to say with this article ?
Well the basic message im trying to get across to operators users etc is that changes doesn't happen in an instance and the way we are operating now with fakers at the top of some spots that trickles down to the users level where faking just becomes every day normal events. That drives away the normal user the user that wants the best for the community leaving the fakers and the shit behind.

So the faker is really the king of nothing cause that is what will be left behind if operators condone clients that sets its own standards instead of obeying the hub standard.

Share your thoughts about this subject if you liked the article

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Re: Part 4: What impact does faking have on the community

Post by Aqualung » 26 Nov 2009, 16:47

While there is no effective way of identifying clients and their properties, this will happen.

The move to adc meant a whole raft of faking software became redundant, that head start has now been lost , and more and more clients stealing the good work of the devs, and including their own fake features are now returning.Speaking for operators,we have no effective way of telling one from another,i would love to be able to protect the work of the devs by removing as many fakers as possible,but until such time as an effective tool is available,we can only take out the not so bright abusers with certainty.

I do understand the difficulties involved in this, but it would grieve me if i were a dev seeing my hard work being abused in this way.

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Re: Part 4: What impact does faking have on the community

Post by Crise » 26 Nov 2009, 17:08

Strictly speaking faking has no impact on the work of other devs.

Licensing issues are a whole different (and unrelated) topic which can and should, if needed, be discussed separately. Nevertheless it's open source so these things do happen.

Also technically speaking there is nothing wrong with faking your share since no specification says anything about relation between, the amount of, shared data and hubs/clients as far as I know.

Faking is a concept that was created by the community and for the community only. What I am trying to say here isn't that I approve of circumventing hub rules because that is not the case. But more to the point that while there is nothing wrong in discussing the subject of faking perhaps there are better places to do it than here.