RSX, it just goes, and goes, and goes

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RSX, it just goes, and goes, and goes

Post by en_dator » 26 Nov 2009, 17:37

While the changelog for Adrians latest release of RSX is short (it only contains three lines :) )
  • fixed many crashes...
  • added option to set max filelist size (potential exploit fix)
  • minor changes in PluginSDK
I am quite sure that there has been a lot of careful work going into it, because this is by far the most stable release I have seen of RSX as of yet. I have had it running pretty much since the release day and still haven't seen a single crash. Autosearch and client checker have been running the whole time and I must say I am impressed with the stability!

If you have been holding back I'd say its time to go check this excellent client out as its by far the most capable client around when it comes to those little extras one wants out of a client for effective op-duty.

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 	- RSX++ 1.11 [Core: 0.75] x86-32
	- Uptime: 1 week 2 days 21 hours  | CPU time: 23:04:01
	- Memory usage (peak): 65,76 MiB (111,91 MiB)
	- Virtual Memory usage (peak): 128,43 MiB (172,24 MiB)
	- System: Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3 (Uptime: 1 week 5 days 22 hours 43 min )
	- Total clients detected (Successful/Failed): 13793/0