StarHub - the fresh blood ADC needed

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StarHub - the fresh blood ADC needed

Post by Pietry » 26 Dec 2009, 21:09

Lately, the development on ADC has been really poor, we need to admit it. Our old developers either got lazy and backed out ( I'm not hiding, I'm one of them ) or become very busy or not motivated enough to continue working. In this dark hours , I found StarHub . It sounds a bit like hollywood story, but it's the truth.
StarHub was a pleasant surprise from the start.

Written in Java, the look is quite professional, with a simple and intuitive interface with nothing misplaced.
The features included are very interesting, with new ideas. The ads system is something I personally never seen before, and it could be very useful for open hubs.

The antiflood system is not perfect but it's a start that might have success on the marked since no other adc hubsoftware even tried to get close to such functionality.

I for one am very impressed about StarHub and mostly the short time that the developer had to create it, it must have been a hard work and I would like to give the thanks in the name of the community. I surely hope that we will soon have some real hubs using StarHub and people will consider it for their hubs. Also, this might be a good test for performance.

I had a first glance over it, and I can give the credit for the following features:
  • GUI is a very big plus
  • Customization is also interesting, user can change a lot of settings and restrictions
  • Antiflood system
  • PING implementation
  • User commands using UCMD
  • Multiplatform
Possible negative points:
  • Java may bring performance penalties, we suggest using a profiler for finding bottlenecks ( TPTP for example )
  • No license present, unknown status for source code (the code can be used with no limitations whatsoever and in any purpose ?)
And I would like to give some hints about current possible problems/improvements:
  • topic/hub name change can be reflected instantly on ADC hub , no reconnect needed
  • problems on simultaneous connections
  • problems registering users
In the end I would like to emphasize that I am very impressed by StarHub and we here at ADCPortal would like to wish good luck for the software, and we hope that it will be a great success.

You can checkout the homepage and screenshots present at the end of this article.
Image Image Image Homepage
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Re: StarHub - the fresh blood ADC needed

Post by Toast » 26 Dec 2009, 22:07

We tried it yesterday and inital results was kinda depressive seems there is a bug that makes the bot go haywire

Code: Select all

[2009-12-26 02:01] <Bot> Artur is now known as Artur
[2009-12-26 02:01] <Bot> Nico is now known as Nico
[2009-12-26 02:01] <Bot> newuser.lvhp. is now known as newuser.lvhp.
[2009-12-26 02:01] <Bot> corrlleone1978 is now known as corrlleone1978
[2009-12-26 02:01] <Bot> Luca86 is now known as Luca86
[2009-12-26 02:01] <Bot> psychiatrist is now known as psychiatrist
[2009-12-26 02:01] <Bot> huronbaba is now known as huronbaba
[2009-12-26 02:01] <Bot> [§tømþ]rach is now known as [§tømþ]rach
[2009-12-26 02:01] <Bot> razvynho is now known as razvynho
[2009-12-26 02:01] <Bot> costeloso is now known as costeloso
[2009-12-26 02:01] <Bot> goth is now known as goth
[2009-12-26 02:01] <Bot> whatsupdoctor is now known as whatsupdoctor
[2009-12-26 02:01] <Bot> aronaron11 is now known as aronaron11
[2009-12-26 02:01] <Bot> is now known as
[2009-12-26 02:01] <Bot> geo169 is now known as geo169
[2009-12-26 02:01] <Bot> Druidpriestess is now known as Druidpriestess
[2009-12-26 02:01] <Bot> Lifetec512 is now known as Lifetec512
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and it continues like that for about 1000+ lines more ;) so it might need some more bugfixing imho same goes for the antiflood mechanism it kinda booted me from the hub even though i was registered with SOP profile (not sure if thats a default profile)


Re: StarHub - the fresh blood ADC needed

Post by Toast » 27 Dec 2009, 12:59

Another thing that bothers me is that the site doesn't have a real bug tracker yet such as mantis or a free service like Sourceforge or Launchpad to report bugs at. That way a user can estimate how much problem him/her would have running that software although the author has to decide on a license first in order for that to happen.