ADCPortal Polls 2009: The conclusion

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ADCPortal Polls 2009: The conclusion

Post by Pietry » 02 Jan 2010, 19:08

First of all, happy new year from the crew of ADCPortal. I'm writing this post in order to put down everything major that happened in the ADC world this year, and see what ups and downs did 2009 bring to us, what changes, if they were beneficent or not.

This post also comments the results of the polls for the best ADC applications over the year that just finished.

ADC Overall part:
Some tries have been made to bring the attention to new extensions, such as ADCS. A lot of talk happened on ADCPortal as on DCDEV on how the specification of ADCS should really be, and if we actually need it or not. However, the talk has been inconclusive. We dearly hope that we will have a 2010 that will bring some conclusion around this part.

A lot of extensions were proposed for inclusion into ADC protocol, most of them were presented right here on ADCPortal, like the Admin extensions, hash sets , chat channels and more. We would like to invite you to check them out if you didn't, on our protocol ideas page.

Also, with this occasion, we would like to award darkKlor with the unofficial prize of the most active ADC developer of the year. Congratulations !

ADCPortal changes:
ADCPortal got a new host this year, , and we hope that everyone was pleased with it. Even if it had it's limitations, it was excellent hosting, and we successfully managed to avoid being shutdown by the attacks that we previously had against us. We would like to thank for providing us with help.

ADCPortal created in 2009 the most comprehensive and updated wiki on the ADC protocol and the software being developed , don;t forget you can visit it at anytime you like.

ADCPortal is also now part of DCDEV so we have the full support of all DCDEV members, including arnetheduck ( Jacek Sieka, main developer of DC++), poy, cologic, pretorian and other people that have contributed to the community for a very long time, they are all now present on ADCPortal.

Hubsoft of the year and hubsoft improvements:
2009 marks the discontinuation of the flag hubsoft, DSHub, which has severely impacted the marked, but left the place open for other software like ADCH++ or uHub. The results of the polls give credit to ADCH++, which has greatly improved this year , by adding a lot of usability features but also performance. We would like to congratulate poy ( he has done most of the work ) but also Toast who has been involved with ADCh++. Don't forget the other hubsofts that were present in the poll, like uhub and ehub. Unfortunately, last year's winner aka luadch didn't get too many votes this year, but we hope that blastbeat will improve it next year and why not? get the title in 2010.

ADCPortal's choice is also ADCH++ because it was the hubsoft that brought some refreshment for a poor year in hubsoft development. ADCH++ managed to improve and get a lot of credit in 2009.

Client of the year and client improvements:
Not much to say about client development, frankly I am surprised that this year's winner is BCDC, and it's the last year when BCDC will participate since it will migrate with DC++ in the near future. We must present our congratulations for the winner and wish best luck ahead. Don't forget the other participants, StrongDC and ApexDC. ADCPortal's choice is StrongDC because of the innovation that it brought by creating the first decentralized network of peers in the world of Direct Connect, which is a major step in evolving DC.

Misc Application of the year:
Not much to say about misc applications, nothing changed much around here, last year's winner AML has been discontinued, and this year's title goes to poy for DCBouncer, a small tool that helps people get offline chat and so forth. Congratulations ! Also the Java extended hublist & pinger is a project that is worth looking into. Not many votes in this category, but we would like to thank our voters. ADCPortal's choice is again Embla because of the huge possibility it brings to developers.

Hublist development:
Hublists did not evolve too much, Openhublist is more or less discontinued, and we need something else to get the flag, perhaps the future of hublists is gone since the implementation of DFAV. However, this year openhublist released their pinger opensource, so anyone can create a hublist if they desire.

We would like to thank all the participants in the poll for their active development in the network, we wish them all good luck in the year to come and we hope we will see a better competition next year, perhaps some would also like to be crowned Best Application of the year by ADCPortal.

In the end we would like to express our regrets again for Daywalker, as he passed away in the year that just ended. Rest in peace and thanks for all you did for DC.
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