ADC and passive users joy

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ADC and passive users joy

Post by Pietry » 27 Jan 2010, 21:44

The new feature that the next version of DC++ ( so far in testing phase ) will have is the possibility to connect passive users between them.

Yes, you hear right, the eternal problem with DC , the configuration of active mode is now gone. Passive users will be able to connect to each other. First of all, why did passive users couldn't connect to each other? Passive users usually are behind a NAT router, that allows them to create connections to Internet routeable IPs , but because they are hidden in a private network, anyone wanting to connect to them would hit the router , and unable to reach the certain host that is hiding behind it.

Success rate and data will be shown later but so far the private tests we done in DCDev have worked.

Because of IPv4 limitations, NAT is a way of allowing more hosts inside the big network. However, this means that two passive users cannot connect to each other. They need active users to connect to them in order to download. The new NAT transversal feature allows the creation of open ports such that the two hosts can connect to each other. I will not get into technical info, you can search for it.

The implementation is still experimental in DC++ but the main things to underline are:

ADC only implementation, so NMDC will not have this, this brings a huge advantage to ADC
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Re: ADC and passive users joy

Post by Quicksilver » 28 Jan 2010, 23:58

Will you provide a spec for interoperability with other clients?


Re: ADC and passive users joy

Post by Toast » 29 Jan 2010, 09:53

When cologic makes one