to wx or not to wx that is the question

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to wx or not to wx that is the question

Post by Toast » 30 Jun 2010, 10:10

Well as of late there has been a discussion over migrating to wxWidgets amongst DC++ Mod Developers talk begun on ApexDC++ forums with their post of hiring people for migration to Linux now in a series of events BM "kinda" confirmed that wxWidgets is indeed a plausible future for DC++ Mods on ApexDC++ forums in their status bar.
Big Muscle wrote:wxWidgets migration process started...
Yesterday, 09:31 PM
So what is wxWidgets well its a cross platform GUI lib that means the GUi will have another look at least slightly to the current since its a totally new GUI lib but the benefits that comes out of it are huge since it allows for cross compiling when some windows specific parts are rewritten from the current code if memory serves me right there was an issue with the limiter code.

wxWidgets GUI library will open up to Linux Windows MacOS and other minor OS (such as iPhone etc) if the developer chooses to go in that direction i think the main goal so for is just to get it running on the 2 other major platforms not the small EEE PC (like iPhone etc.)

Now for you guys that are curious to see what a wxWidgets application looks like here is a sample gallery

Some well known wxWidgets apps are: Dropbox, TrueCrypt, FileZilla, Digsby and Audacity.

So i wish Big_Muscle all the best in migrating to wxWidgets and i hope that he combines forces with the mod developers of strong for migration that way there will be a speedy process instead of him working alone.


Re: to wx or not to wx that is the question

Post by klondike » 15 Aug 2010, 17:38

Sometime ago we developed a small wxwidgets application and I have to say it looked well on Linux and on Windows (didn't have a Mac to try :( ). Also a few weeks ago my mate, who did almost all the wxwidgets code, said me that DC++ is coded in sucha a way that wxwidgets could be used easily with it.

Said that I want to cheer up bigmuscle with the migration as Strong DC is a great mod :D

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Re: to wx or not to wx that is the question

Post by Big Muscle » 16 Aug 2010, 20:02

Old DC++ and current StrongDC++ uses Windows Template Library for making GUI. It's wrapper around WinAPI and it's main disadvantage is the lack of any good user community and good documentation. The advantage is easy of usage and it is very similar to wxWidgets. Therefor I selected wxWidgets for migration.

But if I have only 2 choices - WTL or DWT (or how's the DC++ GUI called now), I would stay with WTL, because it has no sense to move from one WinAPI wrapper to another one :roll: