Re-envision the hublist pinger

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Re-envision the hublist pinger

Post by Toast » 18 Dec 2010, 11:56

Hey people

Had an ideas on hublist pingers that ive talked to both catalin and netcelli about along time ago but i haven't seen any progress of it instead of making the traditional pinger that user sends to x, pinger checks if hub x is alive then reports back to the hublist as value x, instead i wanna propose a crawler that start outs on hub x finds hubs (y) checks and adds em themselves either by checking motd, user descriptions possible if it can retrieve a network list by ucmd or dfav then add it if being reported as public this would increase hubs on public hublists.

Problems could be cloned hubs but thats more of a programming problem since it check check if hubs match in size and user numbers and description.

Other p2p apps that uses this kinda technology is Gnutella with their crawler

for more about basic crawlers checkout: ... eb_crawler

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Re: Re-envision the hublist pinger

Post by Quicksilver » 19 Dec 2010, 10:34

better way: DFAV

Whats needed there:
Hub must send in its INF if it may be entered into hublists.

Then DFAV could be implemented reliably ... currently clients just don't know if a hub's address may be broadcasted into this manner

My recommended solution:
Hubs that want to be entered into hublists via distributed favourites should add the HH flag with its public address in the INF it sends to client... even if the client does not specify that it is a pinger.
-> client knows the official address not the one itself used + client knows the hub is public ..
--> Dfav can now be used reliably