Plugins for DC++ one step closer to reality

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Plugins for DC++ one step closer to reality

Post by Toast » 06 Jan 2011, 13:57

Hey folks wanted to do a little something on the plugin api that has been discussed in posts at the DC++ blog, now first off its still not a 100% confirmed that its gonna end up in the client it all depends on if Arne accepts the final product but so far its looking good with Crise reworking the api to Arnes and Steven Sheehy wishes and requests.

So what can the plugin api do well atm there are 2 so far an lua client side plugin and media player plugin (not 100% working yet) but there is room for more like python, ruby etc so when the time is ready we are going to publish the documentation for the plugins here at adcportal so that everyone can tap in and start developing so that we get less mods and more functions thats the plan for the plugin api cause face it its easier to maintain a plugin rather then a whole mod, cause if your mod is only doing minor stuff then its easier to do a plugin that chances/adds those functions in DC++.

The plugin api idea came about due to Crises efforts with ApexDC++ and Cologics intent on discontinuing BCDC++ and wanting features in DC++ like lua so i and Crise proposed that the lua part could be done via plugin api and Cologic seemed interested in the idea so he reviewed the initial code from the Apex client however Arne didn't seem that much interested in the whole idea so after a year of naggin we finally got somewhere with the whole idea when Steven stepped up and started to suggest changes so that the api was more suited for cross compiling since Linuxdc++ had been looking for ideas in this very topic, after that happened things started to roll again with Arne even pitching in comments and last night iceman contributed with the part thats been missing for a semi complete part the gui page for plugins.

So in terms of having stuff rolling for DC++ well lets just say when this hits the fan things are going to get interested, so if you're interested in trying out the plugin interface then read the compile guide on: then apply the patches from the tracker on: and to debug it if it crashes check out:

Last but not least im gonna leave you with some images of DC++ with plugins, enjoy
p.s yay i got the first article of the year :P
Image Image Image
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Re: Plugins for DC++ one step closer to reality

Post by iceman50 » 06 Jan 2011, 20:03

Just an update for the Settings gui stuff a new bug thread was created by me on launchpad so we can keep the important plugin api talks unfiltered with this so any updates to that patch will be available here ... ... and of course comments and suggestions are always needed to make it better in the end.