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Ideas for Botsoftware

Post by Toast » 29 Jan 2008, 17:24

This string is to give bot creators ideas of what they can write for ADC users


Re: Ideas for Botsoftware

Post by Toast » 30 Jan 2008, 11:32


a bot that handels releases in a hub for RAR/Private hubs that would be nice to see in a ADC Hubs

The user submits a release to bot, The bot verifies by checking that user has it in his/her share then annouces it in main

the release list could be dynamic so that more catagories can be added for the hubowners

so if user types
<command> <releasename> <type>
the bot verifes with checking that users share by searching the hub and for every match on that releasename it adds to the list

so when user nr two comes and wonder who has that a release of the stuff that he/she wants the respons from the bot will be
Release found: <releasename> <type> <usernames that has it>


Re: Ideas for Botsoftware

Post by Kryppy » 11 Apr 2008, 14:54

Looking at the more popular widgets , i think people should like some of this bots:

-Live news

i have no idea if it is donable but probably it is (maybe based on rss feed)


Re: Ideas for Botsoftware

Post by Toast » 11 Apr 2008, 17:13

Think rss feed plugin can cover this when its completed when it supports more then one feed and feed is set via name etc to trigger but if anyone wants to make a Weather Plugin please do :D that would be kickass.

i use weather gadgets aswell to vista

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