luadch v0.05

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luadch v0.05

Post by Kryppy » 01 Feb 2008, 07:51

--// changelog //--
  • - fixed many bugs
    - added signal.lua, updated docs and example scripts
    - improved listeners ( will be executed in script order )
    - changed procedure of user registration
    - added line tracing
    - rewrote and improved server.lua
    - updated lua to version 5.1.3
    - upgraded luasec
    - improved adc.lua
    - added pid/cid function
    - added bots, op chat, error log
    - added some new functions
    - added new hubcommands
    - added STA
    - changed select() FD_SETSIZE
    - added remote administration and luaterm client to access
    - added reg only hub, max users, feature broadcast, UCMD

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Re: luadch v0.05

Post by blastbeat » 01 Feb 2008, 22:24

thanks for posting, i wanted to do it by myself but i forgot my pass =)


Re: luadch v0.05

Post by Toast » 01 Feb 2008, 23:23

no worries i gave u some promotion on frontpage

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